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We are a team of independent filmmakers that believe that movies matter. Our mission is to help people move towards positive change, shining light on both the good and the bad of human nature through storytelling. We believe the pen is mightier than the sword, and there is nothing more powerful than a new idea. Our goal is to rekindle the influences from the original roots of film making by telling stories that are more about character and plot than special effects.

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Joshua Wong Arrest in Hong Kong protest riots

Freedom Fighters

The inspiration behind the making of “Freedom Fighters” began many years ago in 1989 when I saw the first photos of the Tank Man from Tiananmen Square. I had been a student of Lau Tzu and the Tao Te Ching for many decades and wondered what the wisdom of Lau Tzu would have to say about the events in China today. Fast forward to 2019 and Hong Kong and the absolute courage of the “Freedom Fighters” in the streets of Hong Kong rekindled the desire to express the vision of “The Wisdom of China” overlaid upon the images of today’s China. We had unexpected success and recognition as we were selected by two very important film festivals. This gave us the impetus to continue to finish “The Wisdom of China” taking a broader look at the history of China over 5,000 years as seen thru the eyes of Lau Tzu, Confucius and Buddha. In this process, we discovered the surprising and unexpected fact that if you go back 2500 years in China, there is an entirely different tradition which parallels the Jewish bible and the Abrahamic tradition.

Wisdom of China documentary

Wisdom of China

Genre: Documentary/Series
Status: Feature

The Ridge

Genre: Documentary/Series
Status: Feature

Shroud Movie poster

The Shroud

Genre: Feature
Status: Pre-Production

Do Not Play at God documentary feature film

Do Not Play at God

Genre: Documentary
Status: In Production

Byrd 7x7 Productions documentary feature film series


Genre: Feature
Status: In Development


Genre: Feature
Status: In Development


Genre: Feature
Status: In Development

God Save America

Genre: Music Video
Status: In Production


Genre: Feature
Status: In Development



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All of our documentaries are designed and structured for maximum utility for searchable information providing superior access to critical information that might assist in helping the documentary achieve its goals. Each documentary contains hundreds of resources and contacts; first to help you understand the validity of our work and two, to allow you to support those causes.

Our team goes to great effort and expense to try to develop the best searchable, informative, user-friendly databases that allow individuals to do a deep dive of investigative research into the foundations of the work.

These documents are “living” in nature and it is our hope that individuals take the time to research deeply into the matters that we have attempted to address. For those who care to, we welcome your input to change, modify, update or critique the information in the database. Our role here is merely to provide a conduit of information that may or may not be completely provable. Please be certain to understand we make no comment about the opinion or the conclusions provided by the database, as that is the job of the reader. We simply try to provide the best resources.