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Ishma Yusaf Valenti I

/ Director

    My Story

    Ishma Valenti is an award-winning filmmaker who focuses on making films with content pertaining to social justice issues and relationships between peoples of different demographics. Ishma, born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, is fascinated with stories of his native state. Aside from directing independent films, Ishma is a nonprofit coordinator and works to make an impact in his community by helping to co-draft legislative bills, organizing reform policies, and connecting the community to resources.

    “I’ve always wanted to have a positive impact on the world, to inspire people to do great things… everyone watches television and movies on the big screen. That’s where I can make the most impact I believe.”

    Ishma has a clear and concise motive, as a husband and a father of three children he juggles his time while literally and figuratively wearing many hats. “Multi-tasking is in my nature, it’s the only way I know how to function in life!”

    My Filmography

    • Year Film Title Description
    • 2015 Charge Music Video
    • 2017 Can't Be Good Be Careful Music Video
    • 2017 Anchors Aweigh Music Video
    • 2018 Free Feature Movie (Post-Production)
    • 2018 Angry Son/Happy Son Commercial
    • 2018 Remington Awards Feature Aaron Davis - Your Attitude Your Choice
    • 2018 Olympus Flight Commercial
    • 2019 Juneteenth Now Commercial
    • 2019 Freedom Fighters Short Doc.
    • 2020 Ferrari of Austin Commercial
    • 2020 InMode non-invasive plastic surgery Commercial
    • 2020 IDEA AUSTIN International Live Conference
    • 2020 The Wisdom of China Short Doc.
    • 2022 On The Ridge - Feature Documentary FIlm Festival Circuit
    • 2022 Voices of Innocents FIlm Festival Circuit

    My Award

    • Year Film Title Award(s)
    • 2016 White Light City Film Festival Best Music Video
    • 2020 Indie Short Awards Cannes Honorable Mention - Doc. Short
    • 2020 Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit
    • 2020 Independent Shorts Awards (LA) Honorable Mention
    • 2020 Milan Short Film Festival Best Documentary Short
    • 2020 Milan Short Film Festival Best Producer
    • 2020 Venice Shorts Honorable Mention
    • 2020 Hollywood International Golden Age Festival Best TV Pilot
    • 2020 Reale Film Festival Honorable Mention
    • 2020 Niagara Falls Indie Festival Best Editing in Short
    • 2022 Florence Film Awards Best Feature Documentary
    • 2022 Garifuna Film Festival Best Feature Documentary
    • 2022 Best Original Score Florence Film Awards
    • 2022 Paris International Film Festival Runner Up Best Feature Documentary
    • 2022 Athens International Art Film Festival Runner Up Best Feature Documentary
    • 2022 Milan Gold Awards Runner Up Best Feature Documentary
    • 2022 Indie Motion Club Runner Up Best Feature Documentary