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Shannon Smay

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    From stage, to tech booth, to home studio, Shannon’s journey in the entertainment/media industry has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to be a well-experienced asset for any project. Since he was a kid, Shannon’s inspiration came from listening to movie scores from famous composers, like James Horner and Hans Zimmer, as well as try to replicate sound effects from iconic movies, such as the Star Wars and Jurassic Park Sagas. With two bachelor’s degrees, audio production (Full Sail University) and acting and directing for the stage (Chadron State College), he has made an imprint in the Omaha, Nebraska, theatre community, short-film maker community, and local churches. Shannon thrives on recording, creating music, and post-production editing for both sound and film. He is proficient with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools (AVID Certified), and Logic Pro.

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